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Dallas Cigars is a full line tobacconist catering to our customers every smoking need with cigars in our grande walk-in humidor, imported and domestic cigarettes, rolling tobacco and papers, pipes and pipe tobacco. Our many smoking accessories include travel and desktop humidors, cigar cutters and punches, lighters, ashtrays, t-shirts and other cigar label art, and more. If we don’t have it, well try to get it for you. Dallas Cigars provides a welcome atmosphere with a smoking area and comfortable seating, four televisions for sporting events, news, etc., and a relaxed, friendly staff to assist you with your smoking needs. At Dallas Cigars, we have the products, atmosphere and people to help everyone from the novice to the expert feel welcome and ready to enjoy the pleasures of their selections, or to just come in and sit for a while with a good smoke and good company.

And don’t forget: you are welcome to pick up a coffee, or beer or wine, to bring into Dallas Cigars while you look over the many smoking pleasures awaiting you. And ask about our club membership, which offers discounts and free cigars.

Bienvenidos y muchas gracias!